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SABRAHM CONSULTING LTD is a consultancy firm that strives to contribute to the well-being of the people of the community in particular and of the nation at large and in so doing, endeavours to bring its small stone to the reaching of Millenium Development Goals concerning the sustainable development of African countries.

SABRAHM CONSULTING LTD, is a fully registered business under the companies act 2002 (Act No. 12 of 2002). Its certificate of incorporation number, section 15, is 104115 and Tanzania Revenue Authority Iax Identification Number (TIN) is 122-700-550.

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  • Conference Services

    Organization and coordination of conferences, seminars and training sessions. Organization and management of events (planning, booking of conference hall, hotels, visas, ushering services)

  • Translation & Interpretation

    Translation (French, English & Swahili) of documents: legal, administrative, financial, economic and technical documents as well as books. Editing of same documentation. Simultaneous interpretation during conferences or any other meeting.

  • Training

    Focus of training programs on the following areas: protocol services, IT, leadership, logistics, record management, business, secretarial and administrative support.

  • Language Skills

    Teaching of French and English languages. Come to learn these foreign languages and become international and marketable.

  • Career Orientation

    Presentation of UK Pathways (Former KAPLAN International Colleges) opportunities for study abroad in the UK, USA and Australia

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